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All of the editorial content you read in Ratchet+Wrench each month, with the exception of columns from B.J. Lee and Mitch Schneider, is produced in-house by a small team of writers. 

We don’t utilize any freelancers—everything from story ideation to the final product in the magazine is done at our office in St. Paul, Minn. We take pride in our ability to do the work ourselves, but we couldn’t do it without the auto industry professionals who are eager to share their expertise and experiences for the benefit of their peers.

We communicate regularly with shop leaders and industry consultants when hunting for ideas or looking for feedback on story concepts. The fact is, the editorial team is not “in the trenches” of the auto repair industry every day. We need to maintain constant communication with those who are in order to deliver the strategies and inspiration we aim to provide to our readers month after month.

To do a better job at that, we recently sought the help of some of the industry’s top talent. Using nominations from industry professionals and our own staff, we put together a list of 25 auto repair shop owners and managers from throughout the country as candidates for a Ratchet+Wrench editorial advisory board. After an application process, we narrowed the list to the eight shop operators you can see here.

The advisory board is intended to be a permanent fixture at Ratchet+Wrench, with members serving one-year terms. They will offer feedback on the magazine’s content and story concepts, as well as their own insight on the daily challenges and trends in the industry. We’re looking forward to working with this group and hoping that their involvement will help us continue to improve your business.  

Jake Weyer

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