Shops Struggling As Inspection Tests Halt

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April 9, 2021—Auto shops in seven states are in limbo following a cyberware attack that has halted emission and other inspection testing for over a week, 95.5 WSB reported.

For many shops, these tests are a large chunk of their business, especially at the end of the month when drivers need to get new inspection stickers. 

“All of the sudden, we were doing emissions testing just like normal and the system just kind of shut down,” James Baxter,  owner of Georgia-based BP Car Care Tire Pros, told the station. “We haven’t been able to do emissions since.”

Baxter said prior to the cyberattack, his shop was conducting more than 100 vehicle emissions tests per day. Emissions tests are $25 at the shop. 

“You can imagine the revenue loss. We have employees that are out of work because of this,” he added.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is currently investigating the issue. 

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