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Programmatic ads, geofencing, Google Ads. Digital marketing can seem like so much confusing minutiae to wade through when you’re a shop owner with a million other things going on.

But here’s the deal: in the hands of a company that knows precisely how to harness them to deliver business patrick sideview May 2021.jpgresults, all these tools are not a bunch of background noise. They’re mission-critical, and a shop can tap into them with automotive shop-focused Business Actualization based in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

“We partner with roughly the top 5%-10% of the automotive repair aftermarket,” says Joe Pfender, the company’s digital marketing project manager. “We’re looking for forward-thinking shop operators to partner with & help grow their businesses.”

One example of this partnership is with Bimmer Rescue in Richmond, Virginia. Business Actualization handles a staggering amount of digital marketing maneuvering for the German auto repair shop—including Programmatic ads, Google ads, Call recording & lead scoring, Review generation & Reputation management, A/B testing & data analysis, Automated text systems, Web chatbot, and a customer communication dashboard,” according to shop owner Patrick McHugh. And they do all this digital work and pair it with an old-fashioned tool that businesses sometimes leave out of their mixes today: personal customer support.

Along with this level of customer service, Pfender is a whiz at delivering on the backend in the digital realm. He says this about Business Actualization’s ability to help shops dominate their geographic areas in the long-term with Programmatic ads or what Business Actualization refers to as “People-Based” Marketing: “We use the best technology available in the industry to automatically buy ad space for our clients on all of the ad networks outside of Google, Facebook, & Bing. This is a domination strategy where we serve image, skippable video (pre-roll), & TV commercials (connected TV) ads on the industry’s highest traffic websites, mobile apps, and connected TV streaming devices.

Pfender notes that People-Based Marketing is not a fit for every shop owner. He says, “This marketing strategy is best for auto shop owners exploring what else is available on the internet after they have exhausted their direct response marketing resources.” Here are a few examples:

Direct response (Google Ads): Would someone go to Google & search the keyword “best auto repair near me” if they didn’t have clear intent to find a local auto repair shop? Probably not. This is direct response - users go to Google to explicitly find a service.

Brand awareness (People-Based Marketing): Use data to target people who fit the buying profile of your ideal customers on the ad networks people go to when they are not searching for a service. This is brand awareness - use the best technology in the industry to remind the right people to bring their vehicle to you when they need vehicle service.

“If a shop owner needs to increase car count right away, they should be focused on exhausting the Google Ads market,” he notes. “People-Based Marketing is for auto shop owners that want to get more out of the market and dominate beyond what is available in Google, Facebook, and/or Bing.”

Joe(new)-HeadshotBA.pngFor Bimmer Rescue, this formula is paying off. “It showed immediate and long-lasting results,” McHugh states. And he adds, “They do programmatic advertising—on Hulu and Sling [our] video ads pop up. And retargeting, if you visit my site and go to Facebook or some other place, you’ll see my ads pop up there. I hear about it from neighbors and friends, so I like that.” All these digital marketing tools are convenient for his shop to manage money-wise, he reports. “We give them our budget and they dominate for us,” he puts it.

Another new tool from Business Actualization that McHugh has found invaluable is a Chatbot on the bottom right-hand corner of the shop’s website, where visitors can initiate a dialogue with Bimmer Rescue if they wish. “I never realized how many people weren’t so comfortable talking on the phone but would text and communicate with us that way,” he says. Another excellent tool in Bimmer Rescue’s digital marketing arsenal, McHugh says, is a way not to miss any customer’s call in the course of a busy day. “If we miss a call, Business Actualization’s [setup] will text that person and tell them we’ll call right back. That way, we capture leads that otherwise would’ve gone bye-bye because only a small percentage of the public will leave a voicemail message.”

With the entire digital marketing mix that Business Actualization and Pfender have put into play at his shop, McHugh states with confidence, “We own the front page of all local search results."

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