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Dayco Adds Interactive Routing Guides Feature to Website

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Aug. 4, 2015—Dayco announced on Monday the addition of Interactive Routing Guides to its website, This new feature gives users a more efficient way to find replacement parts.

“We have taken a simple routing guide which, by itself, is incredibly beneficial to technicians and do-it-yourself customers and taken it to the next level by adding intelligence to it,” said Sherry Mathis, sales and marketing technology manager for Dayco.

Dayco’s Interactive Routing Guides show users all related parts used on specific applications and the placement of those parts within the actual routing. This allows for easy identification and replacement of engine components at one time. Those components include belts, tensioners, pulleys and harmonic balancers. Also available are service bulletins, installation videos and product specifications, which is linked to all Interactive Routing Guides.

“The life and performance of a serpentine belt can be drastically reduced if components, such as tensioners and pulleys, are not replaced at similar mileage intervals,” said Robert Christy, director of marketing for Dayco. “Since misalignment is the No. 1 cause of belt noise, it is important that counter personnel, professional technicians and do-it-yourself customers understand the maintenance needs of the entire belt drive system. Our new Interactive Routing Guides give users the information needed to help with selling, inspecting and replacing the necessary parts.”

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