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The Digital Workshop

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The Digital Workshop

You might have looked into the The Digital Shop for your business or you’ve started the process of going digital and you’re asking yourself, "How do I make it risk-free and smooth?"

Your technicians are split into two groups: The ones, who love the tablets, efficiency gains, and bigger paychecks, and those who struggle to switch from paper to tablets because it requires a habit change.

Your service advisor wants to get the most out of the Digital Shop, but is trying to implement it while running the shop as usual. He’s running into a few hiccups and turning to you for help.

When you purchased your point of sales software, you tried to implement it by yourself; you were ultimately successful, but you wouldn’t do it again, since it took way longer than expected.

You are looking for a fun and easy way to learn from owners like you, who went digital successfully.

If two or more of these are true then sign up for The Digital Workshop combines hands-on classes with collaboration on best practices, or as Ron Haugen, Owner of Westside Auto Pros and operator of Digital Shop said:

"I am learning more today about stuff I thought I knew something about. Because there are no distractions at the workshop."

Five Solutions Delivered by The Digital Workshop

  1. Learn from shop owners like you, who are in various stages of implementing The Digital Shop. Be it the veteran, who has mastered going paperless, or the newbie, who just signed up, or an owner who has heard rumors of a solution that sound like sorcery in comparison to current operations.
  2. As a Digital Shop operator you will sit down with other veterans and learn about advanced techniques from our AutoVitals experts. Armed with your AutoVitals cheat-sheet (workbook) you will be refining your efficiency the very next day.
  3. As a newcomer you will enter a hands-on class and experience the best uses of SmartFlow, tablets, and its productivity tool warranty.
  4. Learn about quick wins using the Digital Inspection. Your service advisor will see fast successes using both the best practices you’ve learned at the workshop, and the tools we send you home with.
  5. Relax and learn in beautiful Santa Barbara, Calif. Bring your family and/or staff to paradise! Have an incredible educational and beach experience. See you in Santa Barbara!

Still thinking about it? Details can be found at Every last Saturday of the month from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. you have the opportunity to meet owners and operators just like you.

We not only provide the product solution, we also talk you through every step of the way. Much excitement has been sparked by The Digital Workshop, or as Bill Connor, Manager of the Digital Shop Craig’s Car Care said:

"Just the communication and networking, the back and forth with each other, when we come to a training like this, is really invaluable."

Take the leap. We’ve got you covered. Sign up at Take home a few tools, a workbook and take your shop digital.

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