Update: Go Minivan Startup Looking to Create App

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June 28, 2019—A Minneapolis mom created Go Minivan, an online directory to bring better business transparency, traffic, and understanding of the industry, reports the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, and wants to make the service into an app.

“[The auto industry] really needs to be in a digital landscape area, where people can hit a button, talk to the mechanic, [ask] ‘Is my car done?', 'How many queue cars are waiting?’” Linda Xiong, creator of Go Minivan, said to Ratchet+Wrench. “I know when that happens, they will have many more people walk into their shops.”

The app would model the website, a platform for the auto service industry and user-generated reviews—she is hoping customers could even be able to schedule appointments.

Xiong says the app will take some time to get another web developer, and more manpower to talk to auto shops to get them on board.

“I genuinely love car repair shops—they keep our car running smooth and good for our family,” said Xiong. “I’m willing to put myself out there [with my business] because I am a real customer.”

The company shows consumers useful information on auto mechanic prices, daily mechanics and their amenities. It also has past customer reviews with their specific repair and cost so a user can have a better idea of what they might pay.

“Most mechanics are good at what they do with cars, but they often have issues with marketing, customer service or business transparency,” said Xiong. “I started seeing and appreciating our local auto mechanic and had a desire to bring the industry into a more modern digital age and help drive more traffic to good ones.”

Xiong also writes blogs and has her own YouTube channel, review car product accessories, car maintenance places, and even documents her road trips for other car users.

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