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The Call to Go Paperless

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The automotive industry tends to run a little behind when it comes to technology. Many shops are still using primarily paper documentation. Now, more than ever, creating less touch points and a seamless system is important.

Pam Cichoke, VP of automotive sales at Nvoicepay, an automated payment processing business, spoke with Ratchet+Wrench at the beginning of April during the coronavirus outbreak. She shared a story about a contract that needed to be signed, and, because the person who needed to sign the contract was under quarantine, someone had to go deliver the contract, wait for the signature, and come back to the office. This wasted time, and, in a time where we’re social distancing, also was not the safest move. Creating a paperless process, using Docusign for example, would have eliminated all of this, Cichoke says. 

“I think we’re all learning because we’re being forced to learn,” Cichoke says of the importance of going paperless during the coronavirus. 

Nvoicepay is a company that helps move the automotive industry into a paperless world. It’s payment solution enables AP teams to pay supplier invoices through a single, automated workflow. This is an easy way for automotive repair shops to cut down on their interaction with vendors. Nvoice can convert 80 percent of a company’s payments from paper checks to electronic. Cichoke says they’ve had an increase in phone calls since social distancing has been put into action. 

“This whole paperless model is going to benefit us all moving forward,” Cichoke says. 

Going paperless isn’t only essential in a time of crisis. Going paperless can create a more efficient and more streamlined shop, Cichoke says. 


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