Frank's Podcast

Innovate: How to Navigate the Tech Shortage

In his inaugural podcast with Ratchet+Wrench, Frank Leutz, owner of Desert Car Care of Chandler, and co-host Susie Wong, tackle the tech shortage and discuss the techniques that have worked for them as well as areas that they’ve struggled with. 

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R+W Interview Series: Jonathan Ortiz

Jonathan Ortiz, Ratchet+Wrench's newest online columnist and owner of Foreign Affairs Auto, shares his background and what readers can expect from his monthly column, including a look at the dynamics of a family-run business.

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Junior Word

How I Did It: The Customer Focus

In this week's episode of Ratchet+Wrench Radio, Junior Word, president of Carquest North America discusses how he's been able to keep a focus on the customer throughout his time with the company and what he hopes to bring to his new position.

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Stress Management

Grow: Stress Management 101

With SEMA and AAPEX week upon us, Ratchet+Wrench decided to focus on how to manage stress with a busy schedule. In this week's episode, we talk with trainer, speaker, and coach, Joe Robinson, who works for companies all over the world focusing on stress management and work-life balance.

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How I Did It: Modernize My Shop

Greg Buckley's Delaware shop is an example of a modern shop that's continually invested in new technology. In this podcast, Buckley explains just how he's modernized his shop and how other shop owners can, too.

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