Ryan Clo

Ryan Clo’s complete transformation of his Cincinnati repair business, Dubwerx Inc., from a small, struggling operation into one of the Midwest’s most respected shops has not only been written about in Ratchet+Wrench, but it serves as one of the industry’s more impressive success stories. Clo has grown his business to include two facilities, and now coaches other shop operators to help them down the path he followed.



The Mediocre Employee

Dealing with a lousy employee often leaves one clear-cut solution. But what do you do with someone who isn’t bad enough to fire, but isn’t great? Ryan Clo of Dubwerx explains.

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Interviewing and Catching the Big Fish

There's often talk about the shortage of great people in the auto repair industry, especially technicians. Which means you can’t afford to miss out on opportunities to reel in someone that can take your shop to the next level. Here are some tips.
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