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Ford Hit with Verdict

For the second time in as many months, a unanimous jury in federal court agreed that Ford intentionally violated consumer protection laws and awarded the maximum penalties allowed.
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Collegiate Inventors Competition Winners Announced

Finalist teams (five Undergraduate and five Graduate), consisting of 23 students from 11 colleges and universities across the United States, received an all-expenses-paid trip to the final round of the competition held at the USPTO’s Madison Building in Alexandria, Va.

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Innovate: Understanding Your Closing Ratio

Closing ratio can be broken down by many factors, including dollar amount, type (diagnostic, transmission, etc.), new customer, etc. Here's a system for better tracking closing ratio and knowing where you can improve your sales. Barry Barrett, director for RLO Training, shares his ins and outs of closing ratio.
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OTC Introduces New Transmission Tools

OTC has added five new transmission tools to its product line in North America. The new tools help technicians increase efficiencies when working on transmission jobs and are compatible with a wide variety of vehicles.
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