2019 Complete Industry Survey

2019 Industry Survey: Complete Report

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Our complete report leaves no stone unturned. You’ll receive valuable insights and compelling data from all aspects of auto repair: KPIs, Leadership and Tech+Tools.

Only in the 2019 Ratchet+Wrench Complete Report:

  • KPI Report - A deep dive into shop performance, this report covers all the major KPIs that each shop should track to measure success, and gives a glimpse into what other KPIs shops are tracking—with detailed analysis of where shops stand.
  • Leadership Report - The Leadership Report looks at what makes the most progressive shop operators so successful, analyzing the habits, mindsets and processes that they utilize.
  • Tech+Tools Report - An inside look at industry trends and the investments that shops have made in tools and equipment. The Tech+Tools Report also takes a critical look at return on investment.