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A Better Option for Quality Vehicle Electronics Repairs

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Today, owners and technicians don’t have to rely only on the manufacturer to enable the safest, most reliable repair. Parts brands such as Duralast are doing the heavy lifting for them by producing equitable and reliable parts. They also can improve upon inherent design flaws, where necessary, to ensure long life and maximum safety. 

This is even true in advanced technical components such as vehicle electronics, as intricate parts can cause costly problems. As the volume of complex OEM vehicle electronics parts grows, having a reliable replacement part available will be crucial to say “yes” to the repair. According to a 2019 report by BIS Research*, the global automotive sensor market is expected to grow to almost $71 billion by 2029. Today, saying “yes” to the repair means having these intricate parts available.

Duralast even includes hardware for fast, efficient and safe installation. This is just one example of many in the Duralast line—Duralast produces over 750 part types for many makes and models spread over 100,000+ SKUs for maximum exposure and availability. Furthermore, when new vehicles come to market in the spring and fall, Duralast continually adds parts every month for late model vehicles and is usually the first to market with auxiliary vehicle electronics components, sometimes even working directly with the OE. 

Like all Duralast parts, vehicle electronics are tested under the greatest duress possible in highly controlled settings. High-tech lab analysis is reinforced by extreme torture testing and life cycle testing for temperature, humidity and vibration thresholds to ensure only the strongest parts make it to market and are able to withstand the coldest northern winds, the muggiest southern air and the bumpiest, most challenging off-road treks. 

Duralast parts are exclusively sold through AutoZone, and with thousands of locations and online ordering capabilities, Duralast high-quality parts are readily available to make your shop more efficient. With leading selection and coverage in over 20 parts categories of OE-or-better quality, more technicians choose Duralast parts**.

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Duralast Improved Over OE Design

The ABS sensor is a smaller but critical electronics part. The Duralast ABS sensor actually builds upon, improves and strengthens the original design with:

  • Thicker insulation for wire protection against abrasion for longer component life
  • Larger diameter harness jacket and conductor to provide added strength and longevity
  • No pin hole design to help keep salt and moisture out of the component and decrease oxidation and rust 


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