Podcast: Is Predictive Maintenance Better Than Recommended Maintenance?

July 17, 2024
In this episode, Epicor's Tim Hardin discusses whether predictive maintenance is a better model than the traditional maintenance schedule.

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Podcast: Successfully Managing Conflict in Auto Repair Shops

July 10, 2024
When conflicts arise amongst team members, these are the ways a shop owner can help restore peace within the shop.

Podcast: The Impact of Servant Leadership

July 3, 2024
Karim Morsli of Winkler Automotive talks about what servant leadership is, how and why it works, the value of being selfless, and the lasting impact it has on people.

Using Technology and Trusted Brands to Bring in Top-Tier Customers

Aug. 6, 2024
Learn how to attract top-tier customers and increase repair orders by leveraging premium brands and digital tools in our upcoming webinar.

Podcast: How an App Can Turn Average Customers Into Loyal Members

June 26, 2024
In this episode, Jeremy Glassco and JJ Mont talk about what a customer engagement loyalty ladder is and why shops need it.

Podcast: Discussing Shop Processes with Dr. Dana Nkana

June 19, 2024
The automotive doctor is in. Dr. Dana Nkana talks about key processes that can help shops.

Podcast: Getting Started with AI in the Shop

June 12, 2024
Dan Vance of Shop Dog Marketing discusses how auto repair shops can benefit from AI to improve processes, communicate, and market to customers.

Podcast: Becoming Radically Transparent with Customers

June 5, 2024
In no other industry are words like reliable, honest, trustworthy, or transparent used like they are in auto care. Dutch talks about why this is the case and what shop owners ...

Podcast: A Look Back on STX 2024

May 29, 2024
A rundown of what was said, what we learned, and what industry professionals, including auto repair shop owners and their team members, were saying about STX 2024.