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A young technician works with an older technician. As shops modernize, it's important for shop owners and older team members to embrace and train next-generation techs.
Human Resources

Understanding and Retaining Your Young Technicians

July 31, 2023
Developing young techs and helping them reach their goals is vital to the industry.

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Numbers: Cash is (Still) King

July 11, 2024
A look at annual revenue as reported by auto repair shop owners in the 2024 Ratchet+Wrench Industry Survey

Numbers: Introducing the 2024 Ratchet+Wrench Industry Survey Report

July 1, 2024
This year's report contains new segments on technician learning, service advisors' impact on shops, and online scheduling data.
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Primed to Specialize

June 27, 2024
How focusing on a specific niche can help your shop stand out from the rest.

Going from Objections to Opportunities

June 21, 2024
Frank Leutz of Desert Car Cart says getting from deferred to 'Yes' may be easier than you think.
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The SOP: How to Fire an Underperforming Employee

June 13, 2024
What auto repair shop owners need to know about the termination process.
Shop Customers

How to Handle a Customer Discrimination Complaint

June 6, 2024
When a customer feels they've been singled out or mistreated, follow these steps.
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Building a Hall of Fame Roster

May 30, 2024
NFL coach Jimmy Johnson knew leadership throughout a team is necessary for success. Here’s how his philosophy can help your shop.
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Shop Customers

Standardizing the Service Desk

May 21, 2024
AJ Nealy has streamlined customer interactions at all five of his locations.