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Mighty’s Exclusive VS7® Engine SHIELD™

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Mighty is a leader in offering both products and services to ensure the best in preventive maintenance. Now you can take advantage of both a product and service combination that covers the engine oil system, inside and out.

The Product
Mighty’s exclusive VS7® Engine SHIELD™ featuring Fluoro-Ceramic Infused Technology, provides engines unprecedented protection above and beyond conventional, synthetic blend and full synthetic engine oils. It treats metal surfaces creating a fluoro-ceramic shield providing extreme friction reduction, engine protection and displacement of heat. The VS7® Engine SHIELD™ is scientifically engineered to:

  • Reduce oil consumption 
  • Improve and stabilize oil pressure
  • Eliminate dry starts
  • Reduce thermal breakdown of engine oil

The Service
If Mighty’s VS7® Engine SHIELD™ featuring Fluoro-Ceramic Infused Technology is installed by an automotive service professional using Mighty-approved maintenance procedures, products and equipment, Mighty offers a Lifetime Protection Guarantee. This free, add-on service offers protection and financial support on both gasoline and diesel engine components. Visit Mighty at for more details. 

In addition to quality products and the Lifetime Protection Guarantee, Mighty offers business insight, customized training and inventory management services that help service facilities run more efficiently, gain and retain more customers, and increase profits.

Check out the Mighty website,, to see diverse product lines and available services that can unlock your preventive maintenance knowledge and sales potential.

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