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In early 2010, at the tail of the recession, John Perry took a chance and opened his shop, Perry Automotive (Elkhart and Mishawaka Ind.). He grew up in the industry, and wanted to start his business to truly help people.

“I opened my shop with the basis of being able to bring the idea of service back to our industry,” he explains.

For support, he joined the network of shops that he grew up around without doing too much further research. Soon, he began to see the service of the network slide, and started to look around for other options. He then discovered TechNet Professional Automotive Service, and delved into learning more about the network.

“What I really started to see with TechNet, was that we shared the same building foundations of what I had in my company, like taking care of the customer first,” he says.

The reliability, connection to shops, national coverage, and marketing assistance aided in Perry’s choice to join the strong network TechNet provides.

“TechNet has been phenomenal for us,” Perry explains. “I’m a TechNet shop because it makes Perry Automotive stronger.”


Peace of Mind Warranty

When Perry explains the 36 month/36,000 mile warranty and roadside assistance coverage to customers, he’ll sometimes get a response of, “I get all of that for free?”

The nationwide warranty allows customers to visit any TechNet shop in the country with issues that may arise on their vehicle while on the road—giving them, and the shop, a sense of ease.

“It’s not just a three year warranty, it’s a peace of mind warranty,” he explains.

The coverage that Perry is able to give his customers through TechNet is what makes his shop stand apart from others in his surrounding area. And the high level of work Perry Automotive provides, plus the added protection, attracts the right type of clientele for the business, aiding in high customer retention.

“We’re cultivating lifetime relationships with our customers,” Perry explains. “We’re bringing things to the table, not just as an independent company but also the company we work with (TechNet).”


A Network of Support

Something that was missing for Perry when he was involved in his previous network was a feeling of camaraderie with the other shops and owners. He says that there was almost a sense of competition between the shops in the network. Now, with TechNet, he’s experienced a world of difference.

“What I’m noticing with the TechNet brand is that other shops are willing to cultivate a relationship to help each other succeed,” he explains. “And we are all working to be a part of a larger movement to change our industry.”

Perry has been able to form relationships with other owners in the network through phone calls and online groups, and can lean on them for support when needed.

“It blows me away because I could get on the phone right now and call another TechNet shop for something, and not feel like they are looking at me as competition,” he says. “We’re also all part of a TechNet Facebook page where we can answer each other’s questions and share experiences, it’s such a cool camaraderie.”


Individualized Branding

Like all independent repair shops, it’s important for Perry that his business is recognizable and stands out from the rest. TechNet allows for the Perry Automotive name to shine through in their branding—contrary to his previous network who would place their branding at the forefront.

“They were trying to create a cookie-cutter look by making every shop in the network look the same,” he explains. “But what I love about my branding now, is that it was never about making TechNet stand out, and instead about making my shop stand out in a very competitive marketplace.”

Working with TechNet feels like a partnership, says Perry, and allows him to be involved in the marketing decisions to grow his business.


Access to Training

To better serve their customers, Perry says that as a company they enforce training for each employee at Perry Automotive. TechNet offers access to a plethora of virtual classes from Carquest Technical Institute and Worldpac Training Institute (CTI+WTI) for all positions within the shop.

“The training helps our employees stay up to date in the marketplace,” he says, “and those teachers are phenomenal.”

The virtual classes include timely and relevant topics throughout the shop, including sales management, customer service, technical training, and more.

“The technical training is really geared towards taking a mechanic and making them a technician,” Perry says. “I’m a master certified technician with over 30 years of experience, and even when I watch one, I learn something every time.”


For more information on the benefits that TechNet Professional Automotive Service provides, visit

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