Mighty Announces New Battery Program

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Jan. 15, 2016—On Wednesday, Mighty Distributing System of America announced a new battery program available through its Mighty Auto Parts franchises.  

The four battery models that make up Mighty’s offering are the Mighty PRO, Mighty EXT, Mighty MAX and Mighty AGM. All four brands are maintenance free, constructed with full frame positive and negative plates, meet and exceed OEM requirements, have reinforced internal components, and are supported by free replacement warranties.

“Because OEM’s are building vehicles with extended maintenance intervals, the need for installers to offer additional services is greater than ever, said Brad Bradshaw, Mighty’s vice president of product management. “In 2014 alone, over 90 million batteries were replaced. Batteries are a major preventive maintenance product and Mighty’s new battery program enables the Mighty System to fill this need better than ever with comprehensive coverage across all makes and models of light and heavy duty passenger vehicles and trucks.”

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