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Kukui Launches Marketing Platform Upgrade

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Sept. 26, 2014—Kukui Corporation on Thursday announced an upgrade to its marketing software platform, Kukui 3.0.

The newest version of the platform adds a number of new metrics that Kukui said will allow shop owners to analyze their operational performance.

Through the platform, shop owners are able to monitor vehicle counts, customer counts, parts revenue and the average time spent per job.

The metrics will automatically appear in a customer’s dashboard and are measured against pre-determined benchmarks.

“Our last update focused on the service writers and their ability to convert marketing dollars into paying clients. This new version makes sure that technicians are performing based on the benchmarks set by the shop,” said Kukui President and CEO Todd Westerlund. “This is the next piece of evolution for the Kukui platform.”

Kukui said the features were developed based on customer feedback, which stated that customers wanted to be able to track customer and car car counts alongside marketing-oriented metrics.

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