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The Digital Profile

Does this sound like you?

You are eager to find out the biggest potential for increasing ARO, especially improving the average hours per RO.

—You were wondering whether digital inspections not only increase ARO but also create consistency in the ongoing relationship between service advisor and technicians.You have seen fellow shop owners in your 20 group present their unbelievably convincing case that emailed inspections increase the ARO by $100 and more (see image 1, where sending the inspection results resulted in a $225 higher ARO).

—Your technicians are split into two groups: The ones who love the tablets, efficiency gains, and bigger paychecks, and the ones who struggle to switch and are trying to shortcut the process and pencil whip. The Digital Shop can help join these two groups by creating a digital team.

—Your service advisor wants to get the most out of The Digital Shop, but is trying to implement it while running the shop as usual. He’s running into a few hiccups and turning to you for help.

If two or more of these is true, then check out how Concours Motors implemented The Digital Shop and monitors progress here and learn all aspects of The Digital Shop at work or as Gerardo Luna, Owner of Concours Motors and operator of The Digital Shop said

”Now you know the trends and the overall capability of the technicians ”

5 Solutions Delivered by The Digital Profile

  1. Know which pairing of technician and service advisor is the dream team in working together.
  2. Get your staff around a big screen in your regular meetings, check-in with your business coach, and look at trends as third party data. This enables the whole team to buy into improvements made. Track changes, hold staff accountable, and reward improvements!
  3. Lean back in your office, or even on vacation, and watch your shop operate as an absentee owner or multi-location manager.
  4. Identify pencil whipping and over-recommending technicians.
  5. Find out the optimal number of pictures to be taken for the highest ARO.

Still thinking about it? The Digital Shop closes the gap between the technology (smartphones) motorists use to educate themselves and communicate with you and the paper based process and point of sales software in today’s shops.

Take the leap, we’ve got you covered.

Attend a workshop with other digital shopowners or visit a veteran shop owner who will guide you through the process of going digital in a one day session at

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