Uber Moves Self-Driving Fleet to Arizona

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Dec. 28, 2016—After failing to obtain a permit for testing self-driving cars on California roads, Uber has moved its prototypes to Phoenix.

Uber started shipping the prototypes over to Phoenix following an invitation from Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. Uber previously had 16 of them registered in California.

Uber has successfully tested self-driving prototypes in Pittsburgh, for the past several months.

Hours after Uber launched the service in San Francisco, the DMV threatened legal action, arguing that the cars needed the same special permit as the 20 other companies testing self-driving technology in California, according to USA Today.

Uber argues that it does not need a permit because the cars cannot continuously drive themselves. The DMV says that the registrations that Uber received were improperly issued because the cars were not properly labeled as test vehicles, according to the report.

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