FTC, NHTSA Address Repair Shops During Connected Car Workshop

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July 6, 2017—The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) co-hosted a workshop on connected and automated vehicles.

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) encouraged the industry to go to the FTC’s website to view the entirety of the "Connected Cars and Data" program.

The program included panel discussions on connected vehicles, cybersecurity and individual privacy, which consisted of various stakeholder experts including the FTC, NHTSA, General Motors, the Consumer Technology Association, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, Global Automakers and many others.

During the discussions, the panelists weighed the benefits of self-driving technologies against the potential risks. Many pointed out that the increased connectivity could erode individual privacy as the vehicles generate more and more personal and potentially sensitive data.

Speakers on the Connected Cars and Data panel also touched on several repair issues including the need for standardized diagnostic systems, ease of software updates and access to repair information. Several presenters envisioned the future of mobility as a service with fewer individuals owning their vehicles outright and forecasted that companies would ultimately become the primary repair shop customer for fleets of connected vehicles.

While there was disagreement on several issues, all agreed that industry solutions were key and supported the concept of government enforcement of the industry’s self-made standards. This “soft law,” they contended, would allow for continued innovation and flexibility during this time of rapid change.


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