Mass. to Use Video Recordings to Guard Against Auto Inspection Fraud

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Sept. 18, 2017—Massachusetts plans to roll out a new system that uses video to record mechanics as they perform annual sticker inspections, according to the of Worcester, Mass.

The system is set to begin on Oct. 1, and was designed to reduce sticker fraud. The state claims the new regulation will save at least $2.5 million annually, partially due to a reduced need for covert, in-person stings. The state claims that the regulations aren’t changing, and says video cameras “do not replace the role or judgment of the inspector.”

Beginning Oct. 1, inspectors in that state will keep $23.50 of the $35 inspection fee, the state will keep $10.16 and give $1.34 to the vendor that administers the technology and monitors compliance. The new system will be timed, according to the report, thus allowing auditors to spot patterns for inspection thoroughness.

The new technology costs inspectors $5,800-$6,800, and will include four cameras in the inspection bay that will capture different angles of the car. Inspectors will be required to take photos of the vehicle’s odometer, VIN, and license plates with a handheld camera.

According to a 2015 federal report, Massachusetts is one of 16 states that conduct safety inspections.

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