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Interstate Batteries is more than just a battery brand. For more than 65 years, we’ve been driven by our unique combination of proven experience, integrity and heart, while also committed to serving our customers’ needs today and tomorrow. What started as a single line of automotive batteries has transformed into a literal nationwide powerhouse that provides batteries for any power need.

Through the years, Interstate continues to make bold choices that meet the automotive aftermarket industry and customers’ current needs. From modernizing and simplifying the look of our batteries to developing products with our end-users in mind, to serving as an advocate for our industry stakeholders, Interstate’s focus is on the future. Here’s a glimpse at what’s in store.

New Labeling System to Enhance Product Visibility: With hundreds of Interstate battery options available, it can be hard for customers and auto techs to differentiate between them. With this in mind, we created a new labeling system that not only reflects everything we’re so proud of in our products, but also brings consistency to the Interstate Batteries brand. Set to roll out this spring/summer, the new labeling system will provide simple, cohesive front and top labels that clearly communicate product information, while retaining the brand’s core elements, including Interstate’s logo and widely recognized green color. With this new look maximizing shelf impact, it should make it easier for techs to source the right battery, and customers to find the product they need.

Design with Auto Technicians in Mind: Interstate works with some of the best auto repair shops, OEMs and retailers in the business. We are committed to their success and one way we do this is by equipping them with the tools they need to do so. Inspired by automotive technicians, we are developing new battery testers that allow techs to perform battery tests in one easy-to-use “ecosystem” they can take with them to any shop.

Shifting the Myth: And we’re not stopping there. As members of the automotive aftermarket industry, we all feel the shortage of skilled auto technicians. So, Interstate Batteries partnered with industry influencers, such as TechForce Foundation and other technicians, to help shift the myths associated with being a mechanic. Together, we’re working to encourage people to explore the opportunities that come with a career as an automotive technician. We’re doing our part to lead the conversation and be champions for the technicians of today and tomorrow.

We aim to enrich lives as we deliver the most trustworthy source of power. With these exciting initiatives, we’re laying the groundwork for an even more fulfilling future.

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