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6 Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your Alignment Equipment

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For years, the technology behind alignment equipment has advanced one small improvement at a time. Recently, big strides have been made in alignment to help shops save space and become more efficient. Many of those steps have been made by a company that you already know and trust: Rotary.

Today, Rotary offers a full line of wheel service equipment that includes changers and balancers. But it’s Rotary’s wheel alignment systems that really turn heads because its major addition comes in the form of subtraction—their machines don’t require large, obstructive camera towers. And that’s just the beginning. Take a look at these six reasons to consider Rotary above the competition.


1. No towers

Rotary wheel alignment systems don’t use camera towers. Depending on the model, the cameras are either mounted on the lift or are included in the heads themselves. By eliminating the towers, your bay can be any size—with no minimum. This saves you up to 90 square feet of space because you don’t need the five to eight feet of space between a tower and a lift other systems require. In addition to saving space, Rotary’s mobile alignment systems turn any bay into an alignment bay so you can increase your revenue by using the same system in different bays.


2. No compensation or rollback

Without towers, techs won’t need to move vehicles back and forth on the lift in order to align tower cameras with the alignment heads. That makes them much easier to use and can increase your shop’s productivity.


3. No interrupted signal

How many times have you been in the middle of a measurement, you or someone else accidentally blocks the signal from the tower to the targets, and you have to wait for readings to reappear? Without a tower, you won’t need to worry about that, which means more efficient measurements throughout the day for even more productive alignment bays.


4. No height limitations

With standard alignment towers, there’s a small window of possibilities when it comes to how high or low you can raise a lift. With Rotary alignment systems, that’s not a problem. Your techs can perform alignments at the height that’s most comfortable for them.


5. No worries about cost

Premium alignment systems typically come with a premium price. But with Rotary’s new equipment, you get the quality and performance you’d expect from Rotary below the competition’s price point—so it won’t cost as much money to get an even better, more efficient alignment system. And when you bundle Rotary’s alignment equipment with a Rotary lift—such as the XA14, the industry’s most versatile alignment-ready scissor lift—you can save even more.


6. No four-post lift required

Only Rotary offers a choice of alignment lift styles that includes scissor, four-post or the exclusive vertical rise platform with space-saving, Y-shaped legs. This allows you the flexibility to perform alignments using lifts that meet your shop’s specific needs. Your local distributor can help you determine the best lift and alignment system to upgrade your alignment service.


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