Tesla DashCam Feature to Come in Version 9 Next Month

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September 18, 2018—Elon Musk says a dashcam feature using Autopilot cameras is coming in version 9, which is supposed to be released next month, reported Electrek.

Tesla’s vehicles are now all equipped with 8 cameras to power its Autopilot features and for a while now, some owners have been asking for the possibility to also use them as a dashcam, according to the report.

While working on a damaged Model S last year, Tesla tinkerer Jason Hughes found out that Tesla Autopilot camera stores footage after a crash like a dashcam.

He managed to restore the images from the crash that damaged the all-electric vehicle. Hughes even used the feature to find the evidence that points toward pedal misapplication in a case of sudden acceleration in a Model X

Now with even more cameras and using Tesla’s own system instead of Mobileye’s, the company should have more flexibility to offer a dashcam feature using the same hardware, reported Electrek.

Musk now says that the feature is in "final testing."

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