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For premier service and diagnostic solutions, look no further than ALLDATA. ALLDATA, an AutoZone company, provides the repair solutions your shop needs to service any vehicle, and AutoZone provides quality parts delivered fast. Together, they continually work to bring professionals efficient and reliable products/services to help keep their shops profitable.


ALLDATA Diagnostics

ALLDATA Diagnostics turns your workshop tablet into the ultimate professional-level scan tool, pre-loaded with the power of ALLDATA’s industry-leading OEM repair information. Get the repair info you need, when you need it, with the touch of a button.

ALLDATA Diagnostics works with most major manufacturers to retrieve the lion’s share of P, B, C, and U codes, accounting for 99 percent of most of the work coming through the shop doors. It reads and displays PIDs, delivering real-time sensor data from all modules/vehicle systems, including PCM, TCM, SRS, ABS, chassis/body systems, and more. The bi-directional component control connects with several vehicle systems to test specific components, and all pre- and post-DTC scan data is easily exportable to the shop or client.

“It's nicer to have the tablet at the car with all the information there,” says Jeff O., lead technician at Mike’s West Coast Auto Repair.

“You're not running back and forth or waiting for somebody else to get off the's nice to have all the information right there with the codes, the live data (which was very helpful for monitoring), wiring diagrams, and whatever you need. Everything is there on the tablet.”

The ALLDATA Diagnostics tool is directly connected to the ALLDATA Repair/Collision network, and vehicle codes link to associated OE articles, including full-color wiring diagrams. Using the tool, technicians can access System Tests, Relearns, Resets, Initializations and Calibrations as directed by the manufacturer. The Drive Test mode allows access to all diagnostic data without needing Wi-Fi, so the tablet functions during the live driving test, ensuring maximum efficiency and accuracy of repairs.

Tech-verified repairs are accessible without leaving the application, and manufacturer data and software updates are included with the ALLDATA Diagnostics subscription.

“Back in the day, things were much more mechanical than electrical, so you didn’t really need wiring diagrams and such,” Jeff O. continues, “and you didn’t need component locations; everything was more simplified. Now it’s all driven by wires and cameras and just all different types of things. You have to have a scan tool and the right information to figure these cars out.”


ALLDATA Tech-Assist

Bolstering the power of the ALLDATA Diagnostics tool, ALLDATA Tech-Assist is here to reduce diagnostic time and take on more challenging repairs. The Tech-Assist hotline is staffed by ASE-Certified Master Technicians who have seen it all.

From initial diagnostic troubleshooting to detailed step-by-step repair assistance, Tech-Assist can even use live video streaming to see, discuss, and advise on the repair.

“The tech hotline is simple,” Jeff O. says.

“They can live-stream and show you different components, talk to you and walk you through the repair. If you don’t know where something is, they can guide you. It’s a big, big help these days because even though as techs we know a lot, sometimes it’s nice to have another tech on the line to throw things back and forth and help you out. It makes a big difference.”

The ALLDATA Tech-Assist hotline is available six days per week.



To access ALLDATA DIAGNOSTICS, you need a subscription to ALLDATA REPAIR, the industry’s No. 1 choice for OEM-direct diagnostic and repair data, featuring unedited OEM mechanical information, including repair and maintenance procedures, diagnostic information, factory-direct diagrams, TSBs, DTCs and more. ALLDATA Repair also features over 300,000 non-OE full-color wiring diagrams.

Next time a difficult job comes through your shop doors, ask yourself: Does my shop have the tools and tech it needs?

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