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July 1, 2022
Duralast Starting and Charging.

Duralast Starting and Charging.

Duralast began in 1986 and has grown to be one of the leading brands in the aftermarket, known for being a reliable, profitable alternative to OE for the professional. Strict standards, testing, and quality control measures ensures all Duralast parts deliver OE quality and performance, or better - innovating to fix known OE flaws. Covering over 20 part categories with 91% avg. coverage of vehicles on the road, Duralast is the most chosen parts brand by professionals in the automotive aftermarket.*

Duralast Starters and Alternators are designed for OE performance or better, 100% triple-tested, at the component, sub-assembly, and end-unit levels, ensuring OE or better amperage and torque output.

The Duralast units are remanufactured not rebuilt - all wear components are replaced with 100% new ones, as well as new sub-assemblies. The Duralast Gold are 100% new Starters and Alternators, for maximum life and performance. Select Duralast units come with a new shield that prevents oil from dripping in, to overcome the OE challenge.

All Duralast Starters and Alternators, and Duralast ProPower Batteries, all come with a FREE Nationwide Warranty and 5-Point Roadside Assistance, so you can install confidently. Duralast ProPower Batteries are an installer-only line of batteries, extreme tested to deliver OE or better cranking amps and reserve capacity for any power need. All Duralast Batteries are made with a unique full-framed stamped power grid, to resist shorts and improve charging- 70% better electrical flow and 66% more corrosion resistance than standard grids. New to the line – the Duralast ProPower EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) – is engineered with proprietary carbon additives for faster recharge and consistent power on device-hungry modern vehicles, with increased cycle life 1.5 times more than conventional batteries. Stocking and On-Demand Delivery offered for shops

For more details on Duralast and other hard part OE alternatives visit DuralastParts.com 

* Source: Proprietary Consumer Study of Automotive Aftermarket Parts Conducted by The NPD Group, 2019.

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