Online Ordering Increases Efficiency, Transparency & Revenue

July 31, 2019

With the advent of online and mobile ordering, shops can order parts faster and from literally anywhere.

Back in the day, everything was manual. Much of the time in the shop was spent researching and calling for parts. Unfortunately, this manual process still exists in many shops. Online ordering has changed the industry and has offered the convenience that consumers have enjoyed for years.

Today, that same convenience is available to shop owners. Implementing online ordering is not just a modern convenience for your shop; it’s a best-practices strategy for long-term profitability. 

Find Parts Faster

Manual (old-school) parts ordering offers nothing but opportunities for error and slower response and fulfillment times. Is the vendor available to take your call? Did you read the part numbers you need correctly? Did the technician or Service Writer get the year, make, and model correct? Did the vendor hear everything correctly?

Online ordering solves many of these inherent problems by eliminating the opportunity for human error. Another advantage of ordering parts online is the digital memory of your account; the more you work the system, the more the system works for you. Enhanced search capabilities such as Quote Management enables swift retrieval of previously quoted jobs for returning customers to get what they need (and instant minimization of what they don’t). Frequently ordered parts enable shop-by-job specialization and specifications, meaning you have one-click access to all the parts to do the job right. Pre-populated parts lists and build-your-own-job inventories make custom and specialty repairs a breeze. VIN and license plate decoding software enables faster and more accurate vehicle lookups. Online parts ordering means you can actually locate and order the parts on your mobile device, tablet or desktop without having to leave the bay. And with real-time pricing and to-the-second inventory updates, shops can formulate quicker repair estimates to keep customers satisfied and business moving. Plus, with the AutoZonePro mobile app you can get access to all of these features even easier.

24/7 Availability and Account Management

Online parts ordering from a reliable vendor means that the parts you need are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Online parts ordering eliminates the middle step of establishing contact, placing the order and confirming payment and shipping details that are prone to human error—in other words, no more leaving messages that may or may not be returned within the hour, and no more false promises of stocked inventory. Online parts ordering is transparent and allows for itemized collection and review of all needed parts and components.

One of the primary benefits of an AutoZonePro account, however, is how quickly online payments are applied to your account, meaning that online parts orders aren’t halted or delayed due to credit limitations; for example, near-instant account updates enable immediate processing of next month’s parts orders or today’s emergency components for customers who need their vehicle fixed now

Most online parts departments also feature mobile access, meaning you can get what you need when you need it whether or not you’re near a computer. Apps such as AutoZonePro are available to enable swift and accurate parts ordering from anywhere in your shop—even under the car.

Other benefits of an AutoZonePro mobile app include:

  • VIN/license plate decoding at the vehicle

  • Parts lookup by part type or from frequently ordered parts lists

  • Efficient management of multiple vehicles and quotes

  • Available from the Apple Store or Google Play 

Dictate Your Profitability

Most importantly, the new digital parts ordering site and management system enables you to know when you spend money, and what you spent it on. You can easily manage your complete parts ordering process through a single source, and the online dashboard tool offers an instant glimpse into your current balance, last payment and past due information. Managing your profit and transactions digitally enables a real-time and laser-focused glimpse of your business, enabling crystal-clear vision about your shop’s current profitability and revenue.

A complete online inventory also means you can sift through the complete history of all online and offline transactions, including estimates, orders, invoices, payments and returns, all without a separate login and username/password details; your AutoZonePro account enables one-stop oversight of all transacted business. AutoZonePro also integrates with ALLDATA to ease labor integration for all job estimates.

 An AutoZonePro account also provides:

  • Faster, more efficient ordering via saved preferred payment method

  • Full visibility and better account management as current balance, last payment, and past due information are displayed during the bill-pay process 

  • Instant payment with banking information eliminates the need to write checks 

  • AutoZonePro is compatible with most major shop management systems (ALLDATA, Mitchell 1, Protractor, R.O. Writer, Vast and more) and enables instant parts verification and purchase at the touch of a button

Online parts ordering eliminates the laborious (and sometimes error-ridden) process of paper invoices, inventories and PO sheets while at the same time easing the ordering process itself—no more waiting. No more guesswork.

Take your shop into the future with online ordering and discover the efficiencies and increased profits your shop can gain. To learn more about AutoZonePro, visit

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