WEBINAR Inside the Shop: 3 Ways Integrated Technology Helps Increase Revenue

May 18, 2021

How software integrations are creating efficiency within repair shops and setting the future course for the repair market.

How software integrations are creating efficiency within repair shops and setting the future course for the repair market 

Integrated technology is converging in the repair market faster than ever and shops are taking advantage of the benefits found in software that communicates seamlessly. Join our panel of experts, including shop owner Kurt Kennedy, Jesse Meddaugh of 360 Payments, and Cavan Robinson of Shop Boss as they dive into 3 key components of software integration within the shop.

For more information visit shopboss.net/webinar and 360payments.com/webinar 


Jesse Meddaugh is the VP of business development for 360 Payments, one of the automotive industry’s leading credit card processors. He focuses on 360’s robust partner program, building relationships with software companies, franchises, 20 groups, and coaching companies across the industry. 360 Payments seeks to remove the stigma of credit card processing by delivering honest and pain-free payments. They envision a world where payments are an afterthought for auto shop owners, allowing them to focus on what’s most important⁠—caring for their families, employees, and customers. Jesse supports this mission by helping 360’s partners better serve their clients and create stronger, more valuable relationships. He resides in Walnut Creek, Cal., with his wife and three children.

Cavan Robinson is the general manager of Shop Boss and has been in the automotive industry for more than a decade and has spent time in the dealership and shop spaces working with automotive technology leaders to bring cutting edge tools to the industry. With a focus on the needs of shop owners and customers, he leads powerful industry panel discussions to bring you expert perspectives to increase efficiencies, improve customer experiences and drive revenue.

Kurt Kennedy is an ASE Master Technician with his L1 certification. He is Hybrid certified through Toyota and has earned the level of Toyota MDT. After years of working in the automotive industry in dealerships and the occasional independent shop, Kurt and his wife Hannah merged their skills and opened Kennedy Auto Solutions. As an up-and-coming shop in north Houston, Texas, Kennedy Auto Solutions boasts 5-Star ratings and raving reviews across all social media platforms. Kurt leads his team with wisdom and integrity and works to equip his staff to be successful in their growth as automotive technicians while maintaining the highest standards of repairs and customer service.

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