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Sept. 1, 2021

Change your marketing tactics for the changing climate. 

Although 2020 and 2021 have been filled with some of the lowest lows for both individuals and business owners, the past eight months have been on an up-tick of sales and opportunity for a majority of shop owners.

According to a recent study facilitated by UpSwell Marketing, over 67 percent of owners have seen their revenue increase from last year⁠. This revenue up-tick is the result of many different factors⁠—from the changing values of customers, to owners expanding and growing their marketing channels as a response to that shifting consumer mindset.


Take advantage of the changing market.

In some further good news for the industry, this growing market is predicted to continue. 

“We expect the auto repair market performance to remain strong throughout 2022 as all indicators point in that direction,” Eric Goodstadt, CEO of UpSwell Marketing, says. “With consumers holding on to their cars longer, they are choosing to invest in their cars versus just fixing the problem (70 percent of customers say they are now spending more to keep their car longer). Many of our clients report that their customers are more proactive and less cost sensitive than in the past.”

Breaking down the owner survey even further shows that 71 percent of UpSwell customers have seen their revenue increase in 2021 in comparison to the 64 percent of non-UpSwell customers. This difference comes down to the marketing approach, says Goodstadt. 


Keep your foot on the gas.

“A common mistake we see in hot markets like today is an instinct to take one’s foot off the marketing pedal,” Goodstadt explains. “However, our most successful shops are getting more aggressive versus less.”

Owners should not only be marketing their shop more aggressively, but also through a larger variety of marketing channels. 

“Shop owners are diversifying their marketing, expanding their digital spends in search and mobile marketing, as well as strategically reviewing route selections for direct mail, eliminating under performers, and expanding to new targets,” Goodstadt says.

When asked which marketing channels have brought them the most customers, 46 percent of shop owners answered “Google”, 33 percent said “direct mail”, 32 percent mentioned “social media”, and 2 percent said “newspaper/magazine”.


Lean on marketing to grow your ARO.

According to UpSwell’s owner survey, the average shop ARO is around $566, with 71 percent of participants answering that their ARO has increased since 2019. 

“The right marketing doesn’t just attract customers, it attracts the right customers⁠—those who will give you the best opportunity to achieve your target return on investment,” Goodstadt explains. “We are seeing substantial ROI figures on search engine marketing, well-vetted saturation mailings and targeted CRM database mailings.”

In fact, 75 percent of UpSwell clients reported that their ARO has increased since 2019, compared to the 67 percent of non-UpSwell clients.     

“We (UpSwell) are category experts who provide guidance on what offers will achieve your marketing goals, which audience to target, and how to reach them most effectively through strategic route selection,” Goodstadt says. 


To learn more about UpSwell, visit or call 888.838.3779.

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