This Week in Business Strategies

July 22, 2019
In this week's business-building article, find out how to tackle speeches at industry events, effectively track your expenses and how to reach out to someone whose career you admire.

July 22, 2019—To better assist shop owners with their production management, marketing tactics and leadership styles, Ratchet+Wrench has compiled a short list of essential business-building material from some of its favorite sources.

Lead with These Three values to Inspire Your Team – Inc

Being an inspiring coach is as much about who you are as it is about what you do. Your character is rooted in your values, those things that are vital to you and reflect your uniqueness and priorities. 

The Workcation Is Changing--and Taking One Can Boost Your Business – Entrepreneur

This brand of a workcation is about much more than a change of scenery or luxury packaged as work. It’s a way to focus exclusively on big-­picture problems, harness creativity, and walk away with a clear, fresh vision on how to better run your company.

Track Your Business Expenses: Secrets Revealed – SmallBizTrends

Running a business costs money. “You gotta spend money to make money,” the old adage goes. That’s why our businesses have operating expenses and budgets. You don’t have to wait until you NEED to cut costs to review your operating expenses. In fact, it’s good business practice to review your spending annually, if not quarterly.

How to Reach Out to Someone Whose Career You Admire – Harvard Business Review

Everyone has professional idols they'd like to meet. Here are four strategies to be effective in connecting with high-profile strangers, even without the benefit of a warm introduction.

Speaking At An Industry Event? 12 Tips For Making a Memorable Speech – Forbes

If you want to be known as a thought leader in your industry, you’ll need to build both your personal brand and your business’ brand. Speaking at industry events is a great way to do this, as it helps you establish credibility and awareness for yourself and your company.

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