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Harness Bolt On Technology Regardless of CMS

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Shift just got real. Introducing NextGear.

You no longer need a shop management system to shift your business into high gear.

BOLT ON’s game-changing technology was previously only available to shops with compatible management systems. Our new standalone version expands those capabilities to every shop—even those without a shop management system. Welcome to NextGear.

For the first time, any automotive service professional can tap into our digital vehicle inspection, two-way texting, and advanced appointment setting tools with just a cell phone or tablet with internet access, enabling digital inspections anytime, anywhere, on any device. Don’t just tell vehicle owners what services you’re recommending—show them why with pictures, videos and tech notes in real time.

Integrating digital vehicle inspections into your service process can:

  • Increase average repair orders by 39%
  • Improve customer communications
  • Build trust and repeat business
  • Boost efficiencies and productivity
  • Deliver a higher level of professionalism
  • Increase the accuracy of records and reports

Communicate with vehicle owners instantly. With two-way texting capabilities, you can text your way to faster approvals and stay in real-time communication with vehicle owners throughout the entire service process.

Drive more appointments. Advanced appointment scheduling lets you book their next routine appointment before customers leave your shop— accelerating our appointment calendar and your repeat business into overdrive.

Kick your shop into NextGear today! Go to for more details or call 610.227.6370.

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