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Shop Customers

Standardizing the Service Desk

May 21, 2024
AJ Nealy has streamlined customer interactions at all five of his locations.

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Shop Customers

How to Handle Customer Apologies

April 15, 2024
Everyone makes mistakes. How you make it up to your customers can go a long way in keeping your shop's credibility.
Shop Customers

Comebacks Aren’t Setbacks

March 14, 2024
Regaining customer confidence when a repair needs re-addressing.
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How Online Booking Can Help Shops 

Jan. 15, 2024
Why giving customers the option to schedule auto repair service online may be a winning play for shop owners.
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QuickChat: Retention Marketing for the Modern Shop

Oct. 17, 2023
Connor Tracy of KUKUI sits down with Matt Hudson of Ratchet + Wrench to discuss how shops can use marketing, software, and automation to retain customers amid fierce competition...
Oscar Gomez
Oscar Gomez, the director of education and founder of Master Automotive Training in California.
Shop Customers

Lost in Translation 

Oct. 13, 2023
Avoid losing out on customers by investing in bilingual resources.
Phone Etiquette
Shop Customers

On-the-Phone Hero

Sept. 20, 2023
Customers have many options when choosing a repair shop. Make sure their first call to yours eliminates the competition.
A woman fills out a customer satisfaction form.
Shop Customers

Curating the Customer Experience

Aug. 23, 2023
How collecting customer information can improve your service.
A service advisor hands a customer her keys.
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What Stands Out? Connect Your Customers to Your Brand Story

Aug. 18, 2023
A pair of auto repair shop owners on leveraging the power of your shop's uniqueness.

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The waiting area at Babcock Auto Care was a labor of love for co-owner Jeanna Babcock.