This Week in Leadership Tactics

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June 11, 2020—To better assist shop owners with their leadership styles, Ratchet+Wrench has compiled of a short list of essential leadership material from some of its favorite sources. Here's a look at a few must-read articles from the past week.

5 Books About Racial Injustice to Help You Make Wise Workplace Decisions Now — Inc. 

You can't possibly act in this business environment without understanding systemic racism and classism in America.

8 Books for Shifting Your Entrepreneurial Perspective — Entrepreneur

Getting through trying times isn't easy, but you're never the only one doing it. By looking at how others have dealt with similar difficulties, you can forge a path forward.

The 5 Books Bill Gates Says You Should Read in the Pandemic Summer — Fast Company

The billionaire philanthropist’s regular reading list is informed by the coronavirus crisis, with books about pandemics, how to survive difficult times, and what policies can help us recover.

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This Week in Leadership Tactics

This Week in Leadership Tactics

This Week in Leadership Tactics

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