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Mike Maleski, owner of PSK Performance and PSK Auto Repair in Pittsburgh, breaks down a few popular social media platforms and the type of content that performs well on it. 


Facebook, Maleski says, has a lot of wiggle room. You can be funny, entertaining and informative. Facebook is the platform that Rodifer put his transmission video on, but he also puts videos with themes like, “Happy Hug a Police Officer Day” or employee spotlights. Maleski films his staff out in the community and also, more educational posts where he answers common questions about auto repair. Maleski says that Instagram and Facebook are very similar, so the video content can be the same, which is great since you can easily share content from one platform to the next. 


Linkedin is a professional network, Maleski says, so the silly posts should be left off here. Maleski uses his Linkedin videos to show support for his vendor partners, like TechNet. He also tends to put more production and polish into these videos. 


This platform is meant to share short-form videos, so Maleski does just that. The videos, which are roughly 15 seconds long, are quick hitting, so it’s important to have a clear takeaway. Maleski uses this platform for quick how to’s or to demonstrate a funny “fail” that comes into the shop. 


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