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Remodeling For a Complete Customer Pivot

Sept. 15, 2021
A series of strategic upgrades helped this shop create a post-COVID focus on a new customer base and boost revenue in the process.
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It’s the Little Things That Will Set You Apart

Aug. 11, 2021
A few key tips to ensure that each of your customers has an efficient and positive appointment experience.
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Building a More Diverse Repair Workforce

Aug. 9, 2021
The Advance Auto Parts Foundation is taking a grassroots approach to tackle the industry’s talent shortage and help new communities pursue careers in the automotive industry.
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Etching Catalytic Converters: Does It Work?

Colorado is attempting a new way to deter catalytic converter thieves: chemically etched stickers.
Inside the Consumer's Mind

Don’t Sell Your Shop Short

Aug. 4, 2021
Your team’s phone etiquette could be undercutting your marketing efforts and turning off potential customers.

The Specialty Market Holds Steady

July 29, 2021
After a year of unexpected growth, the future looks bright for the specialty equipment sector.
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Why Should Customers Choose You?

July 28, 2021
Customers have many options for auto service. Take the right steps to ensure they choose your shop.
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Leveling Up Customer Trust

Should every customer be treated the same? Mark Seawell, director of advisor training for RLO Training, doesn’t think so.
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The Power of the First Impression

July 22, 2021
Leigh Anne Best, head of marketing for Mighty Auto Pro and a formal phone trainer for businesses across the country, shares her tips for making the most of every customer call...