Advance Auto Parts Launches Latest MotoLogic Update

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Aug. 12, 2020—Advance Auto Parts Inc. has updated its MotoLogic Repair & Diagnostics tool. By adding 14 million new articles of vehicle data, enhanced search functionality and the inclusion of MotoVisual repair animations, Advance Auto Parts is providing users with quick access to unedited original OEM repair and diagnostic content from 31 major automakers.

MotoLogic's latest enhancements include:

  • New mobile-friendly look and feel that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.
  • Newly added license plate lookup feature to quickly find information on a specific vehicle, as well as access active and historic recall information.
  • Expanded coverage of OEM information and maintains hyperlinks within articles and wiring diagrams to give users one-click access to additional information.
  • Late-model repair and diagnostics data, with coverage for 2020 model year vehicles from many major manufacturers.

MotoVisuals, a proprietary database of more than 400 vehicle repair animations, is designed to help foster trust between repair shops and their customers. Now available to all existing and new MotoLogic subscribers at no additional cost, MotoVisuals helps professional shops educate their customers on services and repairs needed with animations that illustrate vehicle systems from normal to failure. Service Advisors can access these animations during the service visit to help explain repair recommendations or can easily share animations by email or text. 

MotoVisuals is an extremely helpful tool right now, during COVID-19, explains Matt Sampson, director of eService, Advance Auto Parts. 

"We added MotoVisuals to allow users to be socially responsible and educate consumers while being socially distant," Sampson says. "MotoVisuals is a huge addition to the site." 

Pre-pandemic, you could walk your customers through what was going on with their vehicle. Now, with customers not being able to come in, it's scary for them to put their trust into a repair shop without seeing any proof. The narrated videos help create trust, which helps put customers at ease and shops to sell needed work, Sampson explains. 

The updates to MotoLogic will help streamline processes at the shop, Sampson says, when asked what makes it different than other software on the market. 

"It's mobile friendly, you can take it anywhere. [Advance] spend a lot of effort on search capabilities and different ways to look up vehicle information—however the technician is comfortable. You can find information and quickly repair the vehicle. For us, it's all about accessibility and search speed," Sampson says. 

For more information related to MotoLogic Repair & Diagnostics or to request a demonstration, please visit or call 855-770-MOTO (6686).

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