Problems Detailed with Counterfeit Auto Parts Sold Online

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Nov. 13, 2020—The Automotive Anti-Counterfeiting Council (A2C2) says the sale of counterfeit automotive parts through online marketplaces is becoming a growing problem, according to a press release.

The report, "The Online Sale of Counterfeit Automotive Parts", from the council details key factors contributing to the increase of counterfeit auto parts being sold online, including an unwillingness on the part of e-commerce marketplaces to verify the legitimacy of the third-party sellers and products on their sites, and the general lack of awareness among consumers that some automotive parts sold online are in fact counterfeit. 

While calling for online marketplaces to be held accountable for the products available on their sites, the council also offers suggestions to improve the situation, including implementation of industry practices to validate marketplace supply chains, greater collaboration between marketplaces, brands, and law enforcement to identify and track counterfeiters, and improved consumer education.


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