Catalytic Converter Thefts Leave Lengthy Delays

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June 28, 2021—Catalytic converter theft rates are so high in Southern California that victims are now waiting weeks for a replacement, NBC Los Angeles reported. 

Warren Valenson, manager of Top Dawg Auto Repair in San Bernardino, has said the rate of thefts have risen dramatically and have caused a backup in parts. Many customers are waiting days, if not weeks to get a replacement. 

The delays have become so time consuming that Valenson has begun to teach himself how to weld to be able to do them in house for his customers. 

There's so many of them stolen. I went out and bought a welder and taught myself to weld, so I can do them in-house without having to send them out because driving without an exhaust system is really dangerous," Valenson told the outlet. 

Converter theft has been a major issue nationwide and was found to be the most common check engine light-related repair in 2020.

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