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According to Ratchet+Wrench Inside the Consumer's Mind survey respondents, the average shop experience may still be bland, but a commitment to invest in the customer experience can continue to raise the bar and readjust customer expectations. 

"Overall, we've seen the industry make a lot of strides over the last decade alone, but top shops need to realize that those below-average shops are still leaving a negative perception of the industry," says  Anna Zeck, Ratchet+Wrench editorial director. "The more that top shops continue to go above and beyond to impress customers, the higher they'll set the benchmark for shops to reach for to stay competitive."

The matter is a challenge shop owners Matt Lachowitzer, Al Pridemore, and Gary Pontious Jr. all find energizing. 

"The reality is, we still have a bad stigma, and for some shops a bad customer experience is still the norm," says Lachowitzer. "We're not all dirty mechanics and we're not all out to screw people over, and by showing customers what the repair shop experience can be, you're changing the perception of our industry. A rising tide lifts all boats."

"This industry has made great strides just in the last 10 years alone. There's still room to innovate, but the top shops have the power to set that pace and lead by example." — Bryce Evans, Ratchet+Wrench vice president, content and events

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