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What Do Consumers Want?

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These days, there’s no shortage of talking heads telling business owners what consumers want.

Armed with trend analyses and expert insight, customer service pros offer a constant stream of predictions on the latest apps poised to revolutionize your customer communications or the perks to set your customer experience apart—and savvy shop owners are eager and willing to take note.  

Maybe you splurged on a fleet of loaner cars to get one step ahead on a perk that’s likely to become an expected extra, or opted for a full lobby refresh after years of trend tracking revealed the true power of an Insta-worthy in person experience. But what exactly do investments like these mean to your customers? Are they enough to draw in new faces and keep regulars coming back? 

Ratchet+Wrench went straight to the source, surveying auto repair customers across the country to learn what the average shop experience looks like, what stood out most to customers about their experiences, and what they hoped to see more of. 

The survey was part of Ratchet+Wrench’s Inside the Consumer’s Mind project—a multimedia deep dive taking a closer look at how customers choose their ideal shop and what matters most throughout their decision-making process. Stay tuned over at for more videos, podcasts, blogs and additional insights from the project.

Here, the Ratchet+Wrench team tapped several top shops to weigh in on the survey’s biggest takeaways and learn how operators who are investing in the customer service experience are addressing top customer concerns.

We also pooled insight from the Ratchet+Wrench team. Bryce Evans, vice president, content and events and editorial director Anna Zeck offer their unique perspectives as both longtime auto care industry correspondents and as repair shop customers with above average industry intel. 

Read on for the project's biggest takeaways at the links below:

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