Connecticut Bill Aims to Reduce Catalytic Converter Thefts

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May 10, 2022—A revised bill has passed in the Connecticut state legislature that would tighten the rules surrounding motor vehicle recyclers that receive catalytic converters when they are not attached to a vehicle. 

According to the Hartford Courant, this bill aims to attack catalytic converter thefts by working against the people who cut the parts off vehicles. This bill would hopefully prevent the act of bringing in the stolen parts to junkyards or recyclers for cash. 

The bill also proposes the establishment of strict recordkeeping requirements in regards to receiving any catalytic converter that is not attached to a vehicle.

It would also prohibit anyone other than a vehicle recycler or repair shop from selling more than one unattached catalytic converter to a junk dealer, scrap metal processor, or junk yard in a day. 

Record-keeping requirements could also require photographs or a video of the seller, the seller's driver's license or proof of identity and the converter itself.

Transactions would need to be completed by check and junk dealers would be required to file weekly reports with the state police on their transactions. 

The bill has not been signed by Governor Ned Lamont at this time. 

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