Report: Social Media Habits by Generation

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Social Media

March 14, 2017—A new survey conducted by Personal Money Service has attempted to decode the social media preferences of users belonging to different generations.

Highlights from the report include:

  • When it comes to social networking sites, about 50 percent of Generation Z users (ages 13-19) are on Instagram.
  • About 70 percent of millennials (ages 20-35) access Facebook, while 63 percent use YouTube. Further, 43 percent want brands to reach them via email.
  • Generation X users (aged 36-49) have a strong social media presence. About 80 percent are on Facebook and Twitter, but only half have active accounts. From a brand perspective, it’s worth noting that 68 percent of Generation X users make decisions based on online reviews.
  • As for the baby boomers (aged 50-65), Facebook is the most preferred social networking site. Of the 27 hours they spend online, 15.5 percent is spent on Facebook.

The full report goes into each demographic and offers insight into how you can tap into each generation's buying habits.


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