PartsTech Unveils New Technology

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March 31 , 2017—During the AASA Vision Conference in Chicago, PartsTech unveiled new technologies—voice interface and video chat— to develop communication and connectivity between automotive repair shops and parts stores and distributors.

“All too often, when a repair shop picks up the phone to order parts, the result is a blind guessing game between the repair shop and the parts counter,” said Gregory Kirber, PartsTech CEO. “Each side is guessing without seeing the part on the other end of the phone. This game of telephone results in high return rates and lost productive time.”

PartsTech has built a new system that improves communication and information flow between the repair shop and parts counter. By embedding voice control and chat within commercial ordering system, Parts Tech simplifies the transfer of information.

Voice control allows users to search and order parts without touching the keyboard. The PartsTech platform allows the repair shop to communicate with the parts counter, right from within the ordering system. This allows the parts counter to see the vehicle and parts the garage is searching for.

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