Snap-on Offers MODIS Edge, Diagnostic Thermal Imager Combo

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Feb. 19, 2018—For a limited time, Snap-on  is offering the MODIS Edge integrated diagnostic system and the Diagnostic Thermal Imager together in a special combo pack.

As a full-function scan tool and scope/graphing meter, the MODIS Edge reads the error code and helps find the initial diagnosis.

The Diagnostic Thermal Imager then uses infrared technology to make heat “visible” and reveal problems anywhere on a vehicle.

Technicians “see” hot and cold areas of the vehicle components to identify both functioning and non-functioning components easily so they can make the perfect repair.

“We’re offering the MODIS Edge and the Diagnostic Thermal Imager in one pack because these two great Snap-on tools work very well together,” said Helen Taylor, senior marketing manager, Snap-on Diagnostics. “Say a customer shows up with a check engine light on and is complaining about a rough idle when coming to a stop or a hesitation or lack of power during an acceleration. With the MODIS Edge and Diagnostic Thermal Imager, it couldn’t be easier to locate the problem and make the proper repair.

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