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Shifting Your Business Model
Two shop owners who adapted their business models to keep in step with the market.

Let’s look at two different scenarios.

Scenario #1: Douglas County was a small, remote region tucked away from the big city. Keller’s Professional Auto & Diesel was one of two shops in town. President Tom Keller was seen as the go-to authority on auto repair.

Scenario #2: Killian Automotive was the premiere Ford specialty shop in town. Owner Tim Lanier made sure his team was staffed by the area’s top Ford technicians. His operation was poised for huge growth.

The key word in both of these cases? Was.

Every business owner starts out with a brand he or she is passionate about, but inevitably—as both of these shops quickly found out—not everything goes according to plan. Trends come and go, the economy fluctuates, one generation replaces the next.

Is the market right for you? Are you targeting the right customers? Do they identify with your brand promise? If your answers to these questions are “no,” then it’s time to take a step back—to pivot your business model.

This article features two shop operators that were able to maintain their core values during a shift, yet projected new images that fit into their changing surroundings. They detail how you can always keep in step with your customers.

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