Clore Automotive Introduces New Jump Starter

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March 15, 2018—Clore Automotive introduces the new Model No. JNC8800, 12 Volt Ultracapacitor Jump Starter and Power Supply, from Jump-N-Carry.

The JNC8800 combines jump starting power with numerous features that deliver utility and convenience, including delivering the rated performance to -30 degrees Fahrenheit, the inclusion of a reserve power lithium backup battery, the ability to deliver endless jump starts on a single charge, extra-long cable reach and our PowerJAW clamps for maximum power transfer.

The JNC8800 delivers 800 Start Assist Amps, whether the outside temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit or -30 degrees Fahrenheit, overcoming one of the biggest problems of battery-based jump starters: deteriorating cold temperature performance as the temperature drops. It is also able to provide endless jump starts from a single charge based on two factors:

  1. The ultracapacitor power source can be charge from the disabled battery to be jumped
  2. When the disabled battery is jumped, the ultracapacitor power source can be recharged from the now running vehicle.

This makes the unit particularly applicable for dealerships, auto auctions, fleet service and tow operations, where operators are often required to jump multiple vehicles in a row.

The JNC8800 can also overcome extremely discharged disabled batteries. If the disabled battery is too low to allow it to charge the ultracapacitor power source, the operator can charge it from an internal reserve power lithium battery. This means that, no matter the situation, the JNC8800 can answer the call.

The unit is packed with premium features that deliver exceptional usefulness and convenience. These include reverse polarity protection, extra-long 68” #2 Gauge cable leads, user friendly status display, and dual-molded, alloy core PowerJAW™ clamps rated at 1000CCA with angled jaws for improved access.

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