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Sunil Patel and Prasanth Chilukuri, founders of Motorwerks Autogroup, were never thrilled about the current offerings of shop management systems. So, they created their own.

“It’s 2018. It’s about time shops have access to reliable shop management software that doesn’t feel like it was built in the 1980s. Tekmetric is a shop management system designed for business-oriented automotive repair facility owners to improve their efficiency and profitability. With Tekmetric, these business owners can expect to improve overall productivity and profitability through an all-encompassing intuitive software solution.” Chilukuri says. “Whether your goal is to quickly build an estimate using our built-in labor guide, accurately manage your inventory, text message your customers, or perform digital vehicle inspections, Tekmetric provides the engine and fuel to keep your shop running smoothly and efficiently.”

With a passion for innovation and the hope of saving fellow shop owners time and headaches, the team spent two years in R&D to create Tekmetric—a shop management system built for shop owners, by shop owners.


A Fresh Perspective

“We are always listening to shop owners and implementing ideas that will improve their business,” Patel says. “From our experiences at Motorwerks, we know our fellow shop owners are frustrated about current shop management systems. We want to answer that frustration and develop the best possible solution that has been designed from the ground up.”

Patel says that Tekmetric was created to streamline processes that shop owners use in their daily lives when running a repair shop. Tekmetric, the fastest software available, is an all-in-one solution with a 99.99% uptime that can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world. Through a well-designed user interface, service advisors can schedule customers with ease, build super-fast estimates in minutes, and is the ideal solution for owners who have multiple shops or franchises. In addition, it includes a built-in labor guide, unlimited text messaging, custom reporting, and digital vehicle inspections (DVI) for no additional charge.

“Shop owners are now our customers and we want to deliver a terrific product in conjunction with excellent customer service. When starting Motorwerks, our company’s main objective was to always offer premium service for our customers and that same philosophy carries over to our Tekmetric clients. Our responsibility is to build high quality products like Google or Apple and match it with terrific service like Amazon or Zappos,” Patel says.

The team at Tekmetric has focused deeply on designing user-friendly screens and invested heavily in performance and data security. Their mission is to build a system that is reliable, fast, and requires no training to use.

The best part? Tekmetric is offered for no cost for 2018. Shop owners can use the system with no strings attached and can cancel at any time if Tekmetric isn’t the right fit for them.


A Shop’s Take

Stefan Hoppe, owner of S.H. Automotive in Alamogordo, N.M., was born and raised in Germany and moved to the U.S. where he started his own European speciality shop. S.H. Automotive employs three—Hoppe, his wife and a mechanic.

Before signing on with Tekmetric in February, Hoppe used a system comprised of pen and paper and QuickBooks. He then found a shop management system, but wasn’t totally happy with his experience. Hoppe shopped around for a while, but finally decided on Tekmetric after he stumbled across it in a Facebook group. Hoppe was impressed with Tekmetric’s catalog of foreign vehicles—something that he says is lacking with other systems.

“Prasanth and Sunil have a European shop, so I feel like they incorporated the stuff that they missed in their experience with their previous management systems,” he says.

Since signing up with Tekmetric, Hoppe says that his shop has been way more organized. He adds with a laugh that with Tekmetric, he and his wife don’t speak to one another face to face until they’re home.

“We don’t have to go around and find each other or wait for someone to get off the phone, we just put a note in,” Hoppe says.

Hoppe estimates that Tekmetric has saved his shop around 30 minutes per job.


Constant Improvement

“The overall experience has been better than my previous shop management system,” Hoppe says. “If I have a question, I get a response within minutes. They’re in the beta stage, so they appreciate feedback.”

Hoppe says that when he started, he realized there were some issues with taxing. New Mexico taxes everything, but Texas doesn’t tax for certain things. Hoppe brought that to their attention and they quickly solved the problem.

“Go ahead and try it, it’s worked out for me perfectly,” Hoppe says. “I would recommend it to any shop owner that has a specialty shop like mine. There are a lot of programs for domestic vehicles, but someone that does European cars would be amazed by this.”



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