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Grow: Becoming a Social Media Guru

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On this week’s Grow podcast, Rissy Sutherland brings in two guests to discuss a vital marketing tactic for any shop—developing a presence on social media, specifically Facebook.

Tim Rodifer, owner of Milex/Mr. Transmission in Johnson City, Tenn. has built up a following of nearly 10,000 likes on Facebook. He now receives about 20-30 new customers per month, mostly done through internet advertising like Facebook and pay per clicks.

Rodifer discusses the important balance in getting new customers through Facebook without losing the old, along with putting out Facebook ads that get the biggest return on investment. Additionally, Rodifer shares the lessons he learned in how to build relationships with his customer base through social media.

Dorothy Freeman Self, founder of DFS Creative Concepts in South Carolina, discusses the importance of social media and why it’s a worthy investment for any business. She’ll go over how a shop can establish an audience on Facebook, and how you should create content that resonates with that audience.

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