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Eight Steps For More Effective Selling

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When selling a repair to a customer, it’s important to follow a standard procedure that addresses all aspects of the shop process. Jennifer Monclus, certified sales & leadership trainer at Elite, leads sales training in the industry and works with shops to address hidden issues that might be affecting the sales process at the business. Monclus shares an eight-step process that Elite recommends service advisors to follow as a way to ensure that the customer receives all information during a sale.

"Anything in sales should have a procedure," Monclus says. "We put together a quick eight-step sales cycle procedure to follow, and the procedure allows them to clearly and effectively communicate with every customer.

“[Service advisors] should essentially follow this sales cycle that we’ve created to basically make sure there are no miscommunications, customers are satisfied, and educated.”

Elite’s eight-step sales cycle procedure includes the following items:

  1. Build a rapport with them

  2. Fact-find with the customer

  3. Identify the needs that the customer has

  4. Identify the solution

  5. Build interest and value in the solutions

  6. Ask for the sale

  7. Close the sale

  8. Resell the service

“Most people find this natural,” Monclus says. “If they follow that, then their communication will be very clear, and the probability of the customer saying ‘yes’ is going to go up significantly.”


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